The LG Service supports your purchases and the repair of your hammer as the most trusted of collaborators.

All the services that we are able to offer will allow you to restore the functioning of your hammer, always having the possibility of seeking the support of our technicians and our customer care service.



Our support to your purchase
Your hammer needs a replacement, but you cannot remember what model it is?
Contact us and we will give you some information for the recognition and identification of the parts that you need: bushings, pistons, tie rods, tool retainers. We can provide the main measures to make you sure that the required part is what you need to restore your hammer.
Don’t you have reference codes to order your parts?
It is not a problem. Tell us the dimensions of your part; we will help you to identify what it is.
Do you need many parts for your hammer?
We can send you an exploded view of it, so you can request all the parts for which you want to know price and availability.





Do you have a hammer to fix, but you do not know who can repair it? Have you tried to restore a hammer that just does not start working?
Send us the entire hammer: we have the ability to repair and revise hammers up to 11 tons. Our technicians will evaluate the issues and the possible actions that have to be taken, and we will quickly inform you, so to decide together what to do.





Grinding, cleaning and phosphating of cylinders
Restoring a damaged cylinder without necessarily being replaced.
The substitution carries high costs that often bring you to desist from fixing a hammer to “lack of funds”.
We can help you to make the repairs without spending a fortune. Just watching some photos of the cylinder, we can tell you if it can be restored by cleaning, grinding and phospating.







Our warehouse is well prepared to manage different needs of different customers.
Either if you are near or far, we can pack your goods in small parcels, pallets or fumigated boxes; we take all precautions for shock mitigation and separate the parts from each other, being very careful to protect corners and edges from impacts and vibrations. Bubble wrap, plastic sheets, packing peanuts, padded envelopes, any suggestion or request become a priority for us.
A customer of yours needs urgently to receive the part directly at his address without passing through your site?
Our warehouse will prepare an anonymous package that will be delivered directly to your customer without being aware of the sender: easy, fast and convenient for you!






Support for transports

You like our prices and the availability of the goods is ok, but you do not know how to ship your parts?
No problem. Our company has several agreements with couriers and forwarders, so our staff will support you to find the most suitable to your needs: the cheapest, the quickest or the most reliable on your area.
Maybe you already have an agreement with a carrier that could pick up your goods?
We will keep in touch with him for you; we will manage the pick-up, the documentation and whatever is needed to let your goods reach you quickly and with no problems!





Technical counselling and remote support for repair

Our sales department, but also the technical staff are always at your disposal for a complete support. Nitrogen charge and tightening torques, catalogues, users manuals, technical advices for assembling the parts.
Your new spare parts have been assembled, the hammer has been charged and it has already been coupled to the machine, but it really does not want to start working?
You can rely on our specialists to evaluate the possible causes and take the correct measures to let it work.





After-sales support
Despite all the care both the customer and our staff can have in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding, it is possible that a mistake can occur. Even in this case, we will work by your side to understand what happened and to find together the best solution.
Moreover, we can supply some tools to let you personally check the situation: did a chisel break while working? Visit our DOWNLOAD AREA, you will find those files at your support to make a first evaluation of the possible causes.




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